5 Creative Uses for Customized Apparel

Customized apparel isn’t just about screen printing. Despite this fact, many people only think of T-Shirts and Jerseys when it comes time to purchase customized apparel. This a very short-sighted way of looking at things – because customized apparel can mean so much more. In addition to lettering for sports jerseys, or a personalized photo tee, we are able to provide custom hat embroidery, personalized jackets, logo bags, and even scarves. The possibilities are only as limited as what you can imagine.

1. Never Lose Your Stuff

There are many reasons why you may want to have a personalized bag. Perhaps you are part of a team or business group that is traveling away from home. A personalized bag makes it easy to keep all of your group’s gear in one place, as well as keep it from being mixed up with others. Embroidered bags are designed to last, while also providing an attractive form of customization.

2. Take Your Brand Further

If you run a small business, you probably have t-shirts or polos for your employees to wear. While these customized uniforms help market your business to potential customers, they aren’t very useful if the employee wears a sweater or jacket over the logo. Take your exposure further by creating personalized outerwear. With branded scarves, jackets and even hats, your employees can display your company’s information while staying warm at the same time.

3. Everyone Loves a Good Cap

A custom embroidered hat can easily become anyone’s favorite headgear when it has an attractive design, and good embroidery. They are easy to wear, help protect the wearer from the elements, and can be worn year round. Instead of going for the traditional t-shirt, try a hat to create a fun and attractive method of personalized apparel. Give them to your clients to help advertise your company!

4. Stay Warm, Toasty, and Personalized

Blankets are a surprisingly simple way to spread team spirit at outdoor events. They can easily be thrown over chilly arms and legs, used for sitting on cold bleachers or whatever else may come up. Have your lightweight blankets customized with your school, team or company’s name for an easy way to promote and identify while at public events.

5. Host an Event in Style

Many people are surprised to find that aprons can be an ideal item to add embroidery to. This is because people don’t pay attention to aprons. But, by adding your company or event’s design to an apron, you help guests identify who is hosting the party. This brings a level of professionalism to hosted parties that anyone is sure to appreciate.

With all of the options in customized apparel, it is easy to see how anyone could use logo embroidery for their organizational or personal needs. For custom embroidery and screen printing in Lake Forest, contact Name of the Game Embroidery. We can not only provide you with these custom logo solutions, we also offer many other personalized apparel services. Your design deserves the best in quality, contact us today for a quote.


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