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How Screen Printing Works

t-shirt on screen tableIf you want to create your own custom-designed t-shirts, a great way of executing your design would be through screen printing. Screen printing creates high-quality images that can be used for everything from brand identity, team uniforms, or special events.

Screen printing uses a synthetic screen stretched over a wooden or metal frame. The screen is then coated with a light-sensitive emulsion that blocks out any parts that haven’t been exposed to light through a burning process.

 Here’s a step-by-step process of how screen printing works.

1. Start with your design – Before deciding on a design, make sure the one you’re going to use is a high-quality one – one that uses a minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch) to ensure a clear and well-defined image. If you’re not sure how to go about it, we can guide you or we also offer professional design services.

Afterwards, the design is then printed onto a film or vellum. The film used for screen printing is similar to that used in overhead projectors, though a vellum can also be used as a cheaper, but just as effective, alternative. This kind of film allows light to penetrate properly, creating a high quality image.

2. Colors are then separated from the design – If your design uses several different colors, these colors are then separated and printed onto different films.

3. Emulsion is applied to the design – After color separation, a photo-sensitive emulsion is then applied to each screen. The emulsion will block out any areas where there are gaps in your design to create a proper stencil. The screens are then dried before the next step, the exposure process.

4. Burning – During exposure process, or burning process, the screens are transferred to an exposure unit. These units contain lights inside them. The films are then placed between a glass and the screen so that light can shine down on it, through the glass and film, and into the screen. Wherever the light doesn’t hit, the emulsion will block out.

5. Printing – After the burning process, the screens will then be washed out with water to remove excess emulsion and left to dry. After the screens dry, they’re ready for the registration process.

6. Registration is a process of lining up each screen so that the design/image is in its proper place and ready for printing.

So whether you want to customize t-shirts for your annual company retreat, or have a t-shirt design in mind for your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, screen printing is a great way of making your designs a reality.

For custom t-shirts, jackets, and other printed apparel, visit Name of the Game Custom Embroidery and Screen Printing services. We service Lake Forest and surrounding areas in Orange County, California.


I Have an Intricate Logo Is Embroidery Right for Me?

Rugby embroideryMost people think of bad needlepoint designs in old bamboo hoops that elderly people frame or hang on their wall when they think of embroidery. However, embroidery has certainly come a long way since its inception. It is no longer used to just make custom towels or handkerchiefs for men’s suits. It is not just used for monogrammed pillows. Today embroidery is a multi-million dollar industry.

Why Embroidery?

The reason for this is simple. You can get just about anything embroidered if it is material or cloth based. Everything from baseball caps, T-shirts, beach towels, dish towels, canvas totes, and flags can be embroidered with whatever you choose. There are a range of color options and thread styles. Design options are only limited by your imagination, and you might be impressed by how good your logo looks when it is displayed on the finished product.

The diversity of embroidery makes it a great choice for putting your logo on company shirts and the like. The possibilities are endless now as most embroidery machines operate off of vector images and utilize software and technology that is cutting edge. The color range is only limited to the types of thread that your supplier has in stock. If they are out, they can always order a particular color to suit your needs should you require it.

Is My Logo Too Complex for Embroidery?

So with that said, the time has come to update the company polo shirts and you want to get your logo embroidered on the front. However, your logo is very intricate and you are afraid that it might not translate well. Here is a bit of good news for you. Since most embroidery shops utilize software along with their machines, they can re-create just about any logo you give them. Intricate designs do not limit what a print shop can do because modern embroidery machines use several different types of stitching.

In fact, there are three primary types of stitching they use. Cross stitches are used as foundation stitching for letters and numbers. Loop stitches can be used to cover an area with a defined amount of color and are very precise. Run stitches are tiny little single stitches that are used as connecting points between letters or other items in your graphic that might be separate from the main image. All of these types of stitching methods are pre-programed into the embroidery software and used as needed to create your logo design. The resulting product is polished and impressive. There is nothing quite like seeing your image come to life on a shirt or hat.

There are only a few requirements on your end. Typically, your embroidery shop will ask for your logo in a specific file format such as JPEG, bitmap, etc. They can then print up a sample image for you and show you what your logo would look like before you make your final decision. You might be surprised to see that just because your logo is intricate, it is possible to have it embroidered and look great. The embroidery shop will also guide you in color choices and the like. They might tell you that your logo would look good on a certain color shirt or to stay away from a particular color, etc. After that, the only thing left to do is place your order for your polo shirts and pick them up in a couple of weeks.

Contact Name of the Game Custom Embroidery & Screen Printing today to get a quote for your next embroidery project.


Custom Embroidery As An Economical Way To Brand Your Business

Often times when we think of marketing, we are inundated with everything from social media to print advertising. It seems like you have to have a marketing plan for email, customer retention, Facebook, and monthly newsletters. Custom Embroidered Uniform

All of these are great things to consider and you should be doing a few of them by default. Yet there is also another way to brand your business that you might be overlooking. This method has been around for years and is one of the most underutilized resources in my opinion. Let’s take a look at custom embroidery and how it can be applied to brand recognition for your business.

Do You Need A Uniform?

To begin with, does your business require a uniform? If it does, then you need shirts for all of your team members. Most corporations will provide T-shirts for their staff as part of their daily uniform. Typically they will be screen printed on the front and have some sort of tag line displayed on the back. However, there is nothing stopping you from getting those T-shirts embroidered if you are the company owner.

In fact, if it were me, I would consider only using embroidered T-shirts for my team members. The reasoning is simple. Screen printing tends to wear out over time, whereas embroidered items can be washed. You get more use out of those shirts and they will look a lot less worn-out than a faded, screen printed T-shirt will over time.

If your team wears polo shirts then there is no reason whatsoever why you should not consider getting your logo embroidered on the front. This brings the entire team together into a cohesive look and gets your brand noticed. It is one of the most economical ways to make your business standout as professional.


If you are doing an event that requires giveaways, consider giving away a few polo shirts with your logo embroidered on them. The more people that wear your shirt in public, the more you get noticed. These are particularly effective at golf events. Golfers love great golf shirts. They are usually not picky about whether or not their shirt has a corporate golf logo on the front, but they are always keen on bragging to their buddies if they won it as a prize. Golf shirt giveaways are great promotional items that can be embroidered and used to further brand recognition.

Also, you can embroider baseball caps with your logo. These are great items to have on hand for corporate events such as marathons and other sporting events. They are also great items to sell in your shop if you have a larger retail store. Again, the goal is brand recognition. The more you can get your logo out there and get people familiar with your brand, the more they will be likely to choose you for your product or service. In the long run, that translates into more business and a healthier bottom line.


How to Design Your Custom T-Shirt

Whether you’re starting your own business or already have one established, having your own company custom t-shirt is a great way of strengthening your brand and creating better brand recognition. It can also help bring together your employees and solidify their relationship with the company. Custom t-shirts can be used for a variety of things, from office trips and uniforms, to marketing collateral and contest giveaways.Custom T-Shirts

If you’re looking to design your company t-shirt, here are some tips that may help you on your way.

  1. Plan your design – Before you put pen to paper, ask yourself what kind of characteristics do you want your design to have? Do you want it strong and bold or light and playful? Are you creating an entirely new logo or using one you already have? Think of a theme that goes well with your company’s philosophy and branch out from there.
  2. Brand message – What kind of message do you want your t-shirt to relay? If you’re creating a design for a specific event and purpose, write down all the particulars that you want the design to have, from text to graphics. Stay within the confines of your brand identity but don’t be afraid to get creative as well.
  3. Scope out the competition – If you’re having trouble coming up with a design, a good place to start is by scoping out what the competition is doing. But don’t copy their designs. Use their designs as reference and take note of the things that you think work and don’t work and apply it to your own design.
  4. Choose a color scheme – Choose the colors you want to use for the t-shirt, from the color of the t-shirt to the graphic and text colors. While it might be tempting to use a lot of colors to make your design pop, it’s best to stick to a few, about two to three, so as to not overwhelm the design. Pick one color then study the color wheel and see which colors complement it. Make sure the colors you choose are in line with your brand/business and is appropriate for the given subject matter. For example, if you’re designing a fun run event for your company and advocate breast cancer awareness, choose colors that will complement the color pink.
  5. Make a rough sketch of your design on paper – Draw your design on paper and experiment with different elements. Play with different proportions, shapes, and colors.
  6. Transfer your sketch to the computer – Scan your design and edit it with graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator. Create a vector outline of your design and edit it digitally, applying colors and shading wherever appropriate. You can also use a photo from your collection or a purchased stock image with your design.

Need professional help with your design? We offer design services to create unique designs for your company and upcoming events.

For custom t-shirts, jackets, and hats, contact Name of the Game. We can design and create all your custom apparel for your next company event. We service Lake Forest and surrounding areas in Orange County, California.


Choosing Between Heat Transfer and Screen Printing

If you have ever considered having a design added to a t-shirt or sweatshirt, you probably had to come up with an answer to the question of which type of process to use. Believe it or not, there is more than one way to create custom t-shirts that look great, and will last for longer than one wash. Two popular methods are heat transfer and screen printing- both of which we provide at our shop in Lake Forest, CA.

Heat Transfer

The heat transfer process is a high quality method of applying multi-color designs to a variety of fabrics. Heat transferring uses a specialized printer combined with a heat press to apply almost any image. This is not a new process by any means; you may have remembered the iron-on transfers of the past. Professional heat transferring uses a similar process to transfer images that won’t fade or crack off after a few washes.

Heat transferring can be used on a wide selection of fabrics, including cotton, spandex, polyester and lycra. We use this type of application to apply sports lettering to jerseys, but it can also be used to add your personal photos to an apparel item of your choice. The heat transfer process is very quick and can be done on a piece by piece basis.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is an ancient art that has only gotten better with time. Screen printing is used to apply a standard image to multiple items. It used to be known as silk screening, because it involved using a special screen (made of silk) to apply the design. Nowadays, the design is created on computers and transmitted via lasers to a distinctly designed screen. It is no longer referred to as silk-screening because the screens are no longer made out of silk.

Technical advances in screen printing have made it easy and affordable for more people to use this type of process. To create your customized apparel, simply create a computerized vector image that will be transferred to a screen. Don’t have the software for that? It’s okay our graphic design services can create a unique design for you; or if you have existing images that need to be converted to the proper format we can do that too! Once the screen has been created, it can be used indefinitely to transfer the image to the necessary fabrics.

Because the process is so involved, screen printing is best suited for customizing large amounts of apparel. It also means that it is not the quickest way to purchase custom t-shirts. For that reason, many people decide to use heat transferring. However, if you know that you may need additional applications in the future, creating a custom screen through screen printing ensures that your items all have the exact same design.

Regardless of whether you choose to use heat transfer or screen printing, you will receive the best quality and service by working with Name of the Game Embroidery. We provide custom embroidery, screen printing and heat transferring for Lake Forest and surrounding areas of Orange County.
Contact us today for a quote on your custom apparel needs.


5 Creative Uses for Customized Apparel

Customized apparel isn’t just about screen printing. Despite this fact, many people only think of T-Shirts and Jerseys when it comes time to purchase customized apparel. This a very short-sighted way of looking at things – because customized apparel can mean so much more. In addition to lettering for sports jerseys, or a personalized photo tee, we are able to provide custom hat embroidery, personalized jackets, logo bags, and even scarves. The possibilities are only as limited as what you can imagine.

1. Never Lose Your Stuff

There are many reasons why you may want to have a personalized bag. Perhaps you are part of a team or business group that is traveling away from home. A personalized bag makes it easy to keep all of your group’s gear in one place, as well as keep it from being mixed up with others. Embroidered bags are designed to last, while also providing an attractive form of customization.

2. Take Your Brand Further

If you run a small business, you probably have t-shirts or polos for your employees to wear. While these customized uniforms help market your business to potential customers, they aren’t very useful if the employee wears a sweater or jacket over the logo. Take your exposure further by creating personalized outerwear. With branded scarves, jackets and even hats, your employees can display your company’s information while staying warm at the same time.

3. Everyone Loves a Good Cap

A custom embroidered hat can easily become anyone’s favorite headgear when it has an attractive design, and good embroidery. They are easy to wear, help protect the wearer from the elements, and can be worn year round. Instead of going for the traditional t-shirt, try a hat to create a fun and attractive method of personalized apparel. Give them to your clients to help advertise your company!

4. Stay Warm, Toasty, and Personalized

Blankets are a surprisingly simple way to spread team spirit at outdoor events. They can easily be thrown over chilly arms and legs, used for sitting on cold bleachers or whatever else may come up. Have your lightweight blankets customized with your school, team or company’s name for an easy way to promote and identify while at public events.

5. Host an Event in Style

Many people are surprised to find that aprons can be an ideal item to add embroidery to. This is because people don’t pay attention to aprons. But, by adding your company or event’s design to an apron, you help guests identify who is hosting the party. This brings a level of professionalism to hosted parties that anyone is sure to appreciate.

With all of the options in customized apparel, it is easy to see how anyone could use logo embroidery for their organizational or personal needs. For custom embroidery and screen printing in Lake Forest, contact Name of the Game Embroidery. We can not only provide you with these custom logo solutions, we also offer many other personalized apparel services. Your design deserves the best in quality, contact us today for a quote.


The Importance of Building a Corporate Identity

When the consumer has a world of innumerable options in front of them, a solid presence in the marketplace is what it takes to stay competitive. If you want your consumers to take your brand seriously, your corporate identity needs to be impressive.

The concept of corporate identity is what we refer to when we talk about the things that differentiate us from the others. The character and personality that define and maintain our individuality and set us apart from our competitors. It is akin to establishing our own personal identity as perceived by the way we behave, speak, and even by the choice of clothes we wear.

In the same context, a business needs to position itself as distinct and unique through the image it portrays to the world. It may be through physical representation of the company’s brand such as in letterheads, logos, brochures or business cards. All these are extension of the culture exhibited through communication style to maintain its distinct persona.

How to Build a Corporate Identity

First impression always makes the most impact. Be it meeting a person the first time or discovering a new product, we tend to interpret our observations from the first cues we see and feel. Consumers treat brands and companies the same way. That is why every company needs to establish a solid identity – a niche in the consumer’s mind by being unique, pleasing and highly impressive.

Gift set template, Corporate identity design.There are strong reasons to believe that corporate identity can influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. A positive mental image of the business in the consumer’s mind can create lasting favorable impact. A well-planned corporate identity can yield good returns in terms of repeat business and referrals. Businesses should develop a consistent mental image that reflects the culture, principles, ambitions and goals of the business. People who feel connected with the company’s ideals are more likely to develop a strong sense of loyalty to the business.

Give your business a competitive edge

The business sector continues to grow every minute and the pool of competitors increases as well. It is time to revitalize your image to help you stand out from the pack. There are many design professionals who can help with attention grabbing logos and other identity elements. Now, is the time to invest in your corporate identity and develop a sense of value, establish trust, and build a lasting connection with your consumer base.

Your logo is one of the most important factors in the creation of your corporate identity. It is the face of the business hence you must present who you are in a professional, stylish manner. Let us help kick start your brand identity with a logo stylishly embroidered on apparels and accessories that inspires confidence in your customers!

Create a positive image for your brand

Screen Printing and Embroidery can present your logo or insignia in the most creative and durable way possible. Whether you’re a business or sports team, bring consistency to your identity with embroidered or screen printed work wear, sportswear and any apparel. Creating a positive image is easy.

Contact us today to find out how we can help build your corporate identity with custom embroidered shirts, hats and jackets.


Stitch Types

An embroidered design is made up of 3 major stitches types: Satin Stitch, Fill Stitch, and Run Stitch. Satin stitches are essentially columns of stitches used for making letters, borders, and areas of a design that need columns of stitches. Satin stitch sizes can go from approximately 1/16th of an inch wide to .25 inches wide. Rarely do you want to go wider than .25 inches because of the risk of “picking” the stitches of the finished design. The Fill Stitch is used for filling in larger areas of the design. Fill stitches can also be used for lettering and large column areas when it is too large to use a satin stitch. Run stitches are single lines of stitches primarily used for thin outlines or borders, and for connecting individual elements of the design.


More Examples:

(Click for larger images)







How Stitching Works:


Satin Stitches:

The animation to the right shows how stitching of the letter “R” is accomplished using running stitch underlay and satin stitches for the construction of the letter. The satin stitches are laid from side to side of the column of the “R” to fill in the area. Of course this is a rough representation of how the needle moves on the fabric to create the letter.



Run Stitches:

Running stitches are simply used to connect sewing areas in the design and for thin outlines or borders antd areas of detail when a satin stitch is too large to be used. Running stitches are only as wide as 1 strand of thread.



Fill Stitches:

Fill stitches are used to fill large areas with color. Simplified…they are simply large areas of running stitches that are placed side by side to cover a large area

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