Black and White or Color Logos … Which Should I Choose?

Confused young manBranding your business is necessary to create awareness and impact your customer base. Today it is not enough to simply show up with business cards and brochures. You need to show up on point and present yourself in such a way that lets your potential customer know you are the perfect fit for them.

This is even more important if you are expecting your customer to come visit you. The last thing you want is for a potential client to walk through your doors and be met with sparse furnishings, mismatched office decor, and a question mark on their face that says “Am I at the right place”?

You need branding and you need it done well. Your logo needs to be highly visible and found in more than one area of your corporate headquarters. It also needs to be present with your field staff on at least two or three items. Pens, clipboards, T-shirts, jackets, and just about any other thing you can think of should have your logo on it if they are being carried around by your staff. Your office needs to have it displayed on your windows, posted on your wall somewhere, and on shirts or uniforms worn by your staff.

Considerations for Each

At some point, the question will arise as to whether or not you should use a black-and-white image, or go with a color design. Most often, this decision is made according to price and that might not be the best way to approach the matter. Color logos do cost a bit more, but they have certain advantages depending on the color of your shirt or promotional item. Say you are using a white button-down shirt as the canvas for your logo. A color image will pop right off of the white background. Conversely, if you are using a dark color shirt, or a shirt with dark print, then a color logo may not be your best option. If your logo contains a lot of brown or dark green, it could get lost against the background. A white logo will cause it to pop and provide a nice contrast to the uniform.

For the same reason, a color logo works great on white or light colored items. A simple black or white image will contrast a bit, but it could get lost in the details of the shirt or just look like a minor embellishment that pairs well with your buttonholes or seam thread. Color imagery will pop off the background and get noticed. It makes an obvious statement.

These reasons illustrate why you should never choose a logo option based on the price of a black-and-white image just because it may be cheaper. Depending on the color or texture of your shirt, you could be doing yourself and your company a disservice.

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