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Set Your Business Apart From Others

If you’re an aspiring business owner, there is a good chance you are thinking of how to promote your business in the most affordable way possible. It can be quite overwhelming deciding what route to go on, as there are tons of business tips and information available online. But before you choose one method over the others, learn why custom embroidery is worth investing your time and money.

Custom embroidery has been warmly welcomed by many businesses in the industry, small, medium, and large. Mainly for logo purposes, custom embroidery is used to promote a business image. It can be through uniforms that are widely seen by potential customers wherever you go. By choosing a company that offers top notch impressive design, your logo can create a good first impression on your customers, thus resulting in better business.

Create A High Quality Impression

Simple printing is widely used in business. Yes, it is quite practical to settle down on this method. However, with a little addition in your budget, you can make your business logo or your business mantra appear more professional with custom embroidery. A customized uniform is a very important part of a professional environment. Through an eye-catching design, your business is given a classy and much more authoritative look. Always remember, your logo is tied to the services or products you are offering. The better you present your logo, the greater opportunity for your customers to remember you.

Durability Over Time

As time goes by, basic printing fades away. With custom embroidery, you can be rest assured that your marketing apparel will look great for a very long time. This is because your logo is securely embroidered into the cloth and it will not peel off from natural causes even after years. Even after the garments have been worn and washed over and over again, the design stays safe and intact. Also, the materials used in custom embroidery hold color a lot better than printed logos.

In order for you to reap all of the positive benefits that custom embroidery can bring to your business, you have to make sure that the company you choose has an intimate knowledge when it comes to the process. Services like custom embroidery, monogramming, screen printing, heat transfer, digitizing services and other promotional methods must be on the qualification list. Try us today and stand above the competition.

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3 Great Ways to Make Your Hotel Bedding Pop

how to make your hotel bedding popOwning a hotel is not an easy undertaking. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations, and working to grow your bottom line, there are branding issues to think about. Obvious things like signage, and pamphlets are usually not a problem. Those are always front and center, and must have items. However, there are other subtle ways to make your hotel stand out, ways to give it an elegant, visual upgrade. These clever tricks could actually help you boost your room rate a bit if you pull them off right. Let’s take a look at three ways to make your hotel setting pop.


First, if you own your own hotel, you want to make sure that your bedding is uniform. This means doing things like making sure the comforters and sheet sets are all the same. Failure to do this could make you look like one of those roadside roach motels. You don’t want that. However, if you are an upscale boutique, having different bedding in each room might be acceptable. Just make sure that the quality of bedding is consistent with the quality in other rooms. Uniformity says a lot about a hotel establishment. It helps generate repeat guests, because it sends the message that “this place is consistent”. Customers like consistency, because it builds trust.


How you have your bedding arranged says a lot about your hotel. Sure, you could have a standard set up with two pillows on top and a comforter/bedspread folded back about a fifth of the way. Anybody can do that though. Why not take it a step further and create some drama? Purchase extra throw pillows to position on the bed for interest and drama. Fold your sheets a particular way to add flair. There are many ways to fold sheets so they present to the customer with a wow factor. A simple Google search will yield a myriad of results. One of the easiest things to do is lean your decorative pillows (full size pillows in a decorative pillow sham) against the headboard on top of your other pillows. This will add a bit of height and interest. It is a subtle way to let your guests know that they will be in for a good night’s sleep when they finally decide to rest.


Consider having your pillowcases, sheets, or comforter embroidered with your hotel name. This is perhaps the easiest way to upscale your hotel really quick. However, typically you will not want to have all three items embroidered for a couple of reasons. For one, it is not cost-effective. Second, it can have the opposite effect. It will make your hotel cheap. Instead, have your pillowcases embroidered, or your pillowcases and the corner of your comforter, or pillow cases and top of your sheets embroidered with your hotel name and logo. This will add a bit of polish and pizzazz to your bedding, and make it really stand out.

Let’s bring everything together now. Think of it this way. Your hotel bedding should be the centerpiece of your establishment. It is the primary reason that people are coming to your place of business. They are not coming to eat hamburgers or hang out with family. They are coming to have a nice place to lay their head at the end of a long day. Having great hotel bedding that is uniform, dramatic, and classy, will ensure that you have repeat customers time and time again. Travelers are loyal to those hotels that they feel have their best interests at heart. Keep that in mind with your bedding, and you will create a sizable loyal customer base.

For your business branding needs, contact Name of the Game Embroidery and we’ll make sure you get the best from your investment.


How to Use Branded Merchandise to Market your Local Business

photo-1416339134316-0e91dc9ded92Every marketer’s goal focuses on how to attract consumers, how to leave an impression on the marketplace and how to keep customers coming back for more.   What better way to make that happen than by using branded merchandise to market your business! It is said that great things come in small packages. May it be a cheap pen, a small attractive toy or a shirt, promotional gifts, when given away, offer an intimate connection with customers.

Branded merchandise has been proven to help raise brand awareness, and that is especially true in the case of local businesses.

If you are new to the idea of using this marketing strategy, take a look at some of the local brands in your area and find out if any of them hands out freebies and merchandise. Strong local brands are known to deliver great experience for their customers. They carry and serve only high quality products. And, more importantly, they show their customers they appreciate them. Let’s take a look at branding your business from the local angle using branded merchandise.

Passage to an open communication

It is most often a great feeling whenever we receive a gift or a token of appreciation from someone. In return, you try to repay such generosity by giving something back. Just like that, promotional product is like a gateway to an open and satisfying communication. It serves as an ice breaker paving the way to start a chat with your potential customers.

Promotion of Brand Image

Your business’ reputation especially when it’s still unfamiliar to people could take time making its way up. With promotional items, you have an effective way of establishing a brand image. You’ll be making a lasting impression of good will that your first-time buyers won’t soon forget.

Long Term Image Branding

A great way to showcase your business is by turning those old-fashioned business cards into something unique and captivating.  Provide giveaways that are useful and relevant at the same time branded with your business contact information. Unlike conventional advertisements such as billboards and tv ads which usually lasts for a few weeks or months, promotional products leave a much longer impact on old and possibly even new target market.

Here are a few tips on how brand merchandising works for your business:

Let Your Item Speak for your Brand. You must put into consideration the target market you wish to attract and blend your promotional item with them. Repeated brand recognition through logos, brand name and slogan could more likely be remembered by consumers especially if they have been exposed to it constantly.

Be Memorable. For traditional advertising, impression stops the moment tv or newspaper ads stop running. With promotional items, they serve as a constant reminder of your brand being continually passed from one to another in a long period of time. Simply put, impression embarked using promotional items is much greater than that of traditional advertising.

Branding merchandise, when used effectively, is one of the most powerful tools to establish lifelong relationship between a product and consumer. It all sums up to the relationship you’ve established with your consumer. If they like you, listen to you, trust you, then they will likely do business with you.

Do you have a favorite local brand? What makes them stand out?


Out of the Box Family Reunion Ideas

Untitled designFamily reunions are a time of laughing, crying, and sharing. People who have not seen each other in years get reacquainted, and there is always plenty of food and fun to be had. Typically, most people walk away from a reunion with a T-shirt or two. It’s a way to commemorate the event, and also a way to remind everyone just how special, and close, the bond of family can be.

Yet, what if you wanted to do something a bit unique. What if you wanted to go a bit non-traditional with your family reunion takeaways? Well, following are a few of our favorite items that will make quite a statement at your next function.

Lanyards. This one is simple and fun. It’s also cost-effective too. Kids can use it to wear their ID card around their neck for school or sporting events. Adults can use it for all sorts of things including name badges, keys, and even a whistle or two if they carry the title “coach”. Most of the time, lanyards are quite inexpensive too. This is a great option if you are doing a family reunion on a budget. Get them embroidered and your family will have a nice keepsake for quite a long time.

Baseball Caps. This is another gift idea that is very functional. Baseball caps usually get the most use when they are used as a giveaway. The reason is simple. They are so functional. You can purchase them and have them embroidered on the back with your family’s last name and the date of the reunion. The front could have a logo of sorts or the slogan for the reunion embroidered on it. This is a great way to commemorate the event, and also allow others to take the memory home with them.

Dish Towels. This is one that would be so simple and cheap to provide, yet most people never think of it. However, when you consider how much a dish towel is used, it makes perfect sense. You could have a few of these embroidered, and on display at the family reunion while guests are fixing plates or serving meals, etc. They are quite economical, and you can probably get a killer deal if you purchase them in bulk. Also, since they have a much larger surface area, you could put a logo or a picture of some sort embroidered on the towel too, if your budget allows.

Beach Towels. That’s right, when it is time for your guests to hit the beach, why not let them remember your reunion by sending them home with a personalized beach towel? These are pretty easy to come by, and make great choices for embroidery since they are usually one hundred percent cotton. If you search the net for closeout deals, you can usually get a good deal. Then, simply strike a deal with your embroidery shop on the customization and placement of the information. They can help you out with a few ideas of their own too. Your guests will have a nice keepsake that they will get plenty of use from as well.

Frisbees. These are simple and can be purchased by the hundreds. Simply have your information screen printed on the frisbee, and send them flying home with your guests. Chances are, you will probably have several flying around during the reunion too, with all of those children present. That’s okay, it’s better than having a lot of children present and nothing to do, right?

There are many more ideas to be had if you let your mind wander a bit. The items in our list have made the cut because they are economical and easy. Anytime you can have the words family reunion, economical, and easy in the same sentence… that’s a win-win. Put these tips to use and make your next reunion a hit!


Lab Coats: Lettering and Logos, How to Choose Wisely

ThMale And Female Scientists Working In Laboratoryere are several things to consider when it comes to having your lab coat lettered. Most of the time, this is taken for granted. I think many professionals get used to letting their embroidery specialist handle their needs, and that is usually okay, but remember they work for you at the end of the day. Their suggestions are just that… suggestions. You need to keep a couple of things in mind before you have your lab coat lettered.

Choose the Right Font

For instance, the type of script you use is very important. Nothing is more frustrating to a patient then having a doctor or other healthcare professional come into the exam room wearing a lab coat that they cannot read. Make sure that the type of script you use is easily recognizable. You don’t want to get something too wispy or whimsical on the front of your coat. This might work for a logo, but if a patient is trying to read your name, or look at your credentials, this makes it very difficult. The type of font you use is very important, so make sure you convey that to your embroidery specialist before they get to work.

Make it Easy to Read

Also, the size of your font is important as well. It’s true, there are typical standards for having your name and title stitched on the front of your lab coat. However, if you are an eye doctor, you might consider getting your lab coat stitched in a font that is a bit larger and easier to read for your patients who have poor sight. It’s the little things like this that show you really care about what you do. Also, it should not cost you much more, if anything at all, to make the necessary adjustments.

Pay Attention to Placement

Finally, you want to make sure that placement is taken into consideration. Remember, it does no good to have your name and title stitched on your lab coat if your pens are tucked underneath obstructing the view. For this reason, you might want to consider getting a lab coat that has two breast pockets, or a breast pocket mounted on the opposite side of where you are going to have your name stitched. This keeps pens, pencils, and other doctor or medical gear out of the way; and makes it easier for your patients to read your name and recognize who you are.

Color it Correctly

On a side note, color should not be an issue, but we might need to mention it just to make sure. It is always a good move to have your name stitched using a color that is in direct contrast to your lab coat. Since most let coats are white, black or navy blue thread works very well for this. I would stay away from greens, yellows, and reds as they tend to put more strain on the eye. Those colors are great for scrubs, but for lettering, it’s usually best to stick to the basics.

By making sure you have the correct font, correct size, and correct placement of your name, you will immediately put yourself in a better position to take care of your patients. You won’t have to constantly refer to your name by pointing at your pocket as some professionals do. No, you can simply walk in, greet your patient, and get to work. Paying attention to these points will make sure that your lab coat is an asset, rather than a hindrance.


Logo Branding, Making Your Hotel Uniform … More Uniform

Hotel worker on receptionService industry uniforms are always a bit tricky, particularly if your service industry is in the hotel business sector. There is one reason for this. Everybody will not have the same uniform. Your front desk people may wear polos, or they might wear a nice oxford shirt with a blazer, depending on your star rating or the type of atmosphere you want to convey to your guests. Your banquet service wait staff and restaurant crew will have a completely different type of uniform. Furthermore, housekeeping will look different as well. Then, there are always the bellhops and valets who will have another uniform that is a slightly different flavor than the front desk staff.

The attempt is to separate each segment of the hotel according to their job description. That’s fine, as long as it all ties together. To their credit, usually it does. If you own or operate a hotel then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Typically, there is a color scheme that unites the staff. Matching shirts, pants; that sort of thing. There is usually a name tag with a company logo on it to let guests know you work for Corporation XYZ.

The Problem with Name Tags

Name tags are great, however, they always appear a bit temporary in nature, especially when you see employees wearing a name tag that has obviously seen better days. You know what I’m referring to, those name tags that have a barely legible name because it has been all but scratched off; or the name tag is chipped, broken, etc. Nothing wrong with name tags, they just need to be kept up-to-date and fresh if you are looking to show to your guests that attention to detail matters.

A better way to do this is quite simple. Have your uniforms embroidered with your company’s logo. It’s as simple as that. Branding your housekeeping staff, restaurant staff, bellhops, valets, and front desk staff will unify your whole uniform scheme. It makes your hotel uniforms, well… more uniform.

Why a Logo Works

It also looks more permanent. Again, there is nothing wrong with wearing a name tag that has your company’s logo on it, however, a uniform with the logo embroidered on the sleeve or over the front pocket really cements the identity of the person wearing it as a company representative. It conveys the authority behind your brand. If you have not considered doing this in the past, you might want to look into it. It is probably a lot more cost-effective then you think. Typically, logos can be made using one or two colors, so you are only looking at one or two different threads. Talk with Name of the Game Custom Embroidery and see what we can do for you. Having logos on your hotel uniforms really makes your staff more identifiable in the marketplace. It also cements your image in the mind of your guests. The return on that is priceless.

We can help make your hotel uniforms more uniform. Contact us today.


Embroidery Challenges with Font Type and Logo Design

Motivational BackgroundThere are certain things to keep in mind when it comes to re-creating your logo and font specifications with an embroidered design. Often times, people imagine they will give their design to their local print shop and simply have a product in hand two or three days later. That could be the case, however, sometimes several phone calls and email exchanges are necessary to achieve an accurate reproduction of your logo or fonts. There are several reasons for this, and if you know what to look for you can head off many concerns or issues before you take your items to print. Let’s take a look at what you should know before having your logo embroidered.

To begin with, your image is digitized for the embroidery machine. This step is responsible for taking your graphic design and bringing it to life via colored thread and fabric. The person who performs the digitizing will look for a few things before they get started to head off trouble during the design process.

Small Text

For instance, text that is smaller than one quarter inch tall will be extremely difficult to embroider. It might show up a little bit on nylon fabric, but anything like pique (loosely woven) or fleece (thick), will be incredibly disappointing because the stitches will be barely noticeable. So, if at all possible, make sure your font is large enough to be legible.

Color Matters

White and yellow are not your friends when it comes to thin lines and fine detail. If you have a logo or font that you wish to reproduce using light colored thread, you need to reconsider and use darker thread. If not, then the lighter lines will get lost in the fabric, or may not even show up at all. It’s best to use darker color threads for thinner lines.

No gradients

Color gradients should be avoided at all costs. These are very easy to reproduce in a graphic design setting where the environment is a bit more organic, yet embroidery uses distinct colors and set patterns.  As such, gradients usually do not work well.

Submit Your Best Image

Be sure to provide your best image. This means you should give them the image that is the highest resolution and can easily scale for design. Otherwise, they might be left to fill in the blanks if things get a bit blurry. Or they may need to reproduce it which will add cost.

Finally, keep in mind, if your logo is quite intricate and you do want it to be embroidered, then you will have to make compromises. Typically, a good digitizer will show you a final proof before it goes to production, however, they typically will not create sample after sample to show you due to cost and efficiency issues. The best thing to do is trust them and allow the process to go forward after your final proof review. This will ensure a good working relationship in the future, and who knows, you might modify your logo later down the road as a result.


Choosing the Right Uniform for Your Staff

Mullti-ethnic Group Business Meeting Seminar ConceptUniforms are great. They create a sense of camaraderie and also unify the workplace. They are also useful to anyone who enters the premises. When people enter your workplace, if your staff have uniforms, they are much more easily identifiable as people who can point them in the right direction rather than if they just blend in with their surroundings. To that end, it is important that you choose a uniform that really speaks to your environment and represents your company well. Consider these tips the next time you go to pick out your uniform.

T-shirts or button down Shirts?

This one can be a bit subjective, but in the end it all depends on what you are trying to convey, and your working environment. For instance, if you’re in a corporate environment, then obviously a button down shirt would be the way to go. You could place a logo on the chest area above the pocket and maybe detail the sleeves a bit. However, if your corporate office and your manufacturing division are in the same building, then you might want to consider a polo shirt or even a T-shirt; if corporate management also have to walk the manufacturing grounds frequently. It does no good for your corporate employees to have nice button-down shirts if they are just going to get ruined every day they come to work.

Conversely, if you were in the restaurant industry then it seems that T-shirts are the way to go. However, consider this. Perhaps you could set yourself apart by requiring your wait staff to wear a button down shirt while kitchen staff use T-shirts as a part of their uniform. Maybe you go even further and require your kitchen staff to wear a button down shirt as well, to provide a uniform look throughout your entire establishment. The funny thing is you don’t have to be a five-star dining establishment in order for this to make an impact. If you are just a mom-and-pop pizza joint, it speaks volumes when customers come in and are presented with professional looking staff.

Baseball Caps

These can be a bit tricky. There’s a tendency for people to think that a baseball cap is too casual, however they certainly have applications for certain industries. Mechanics and restaurant workers in particular will benefit from their use. Restaurant employees are required to keep their hair in place and baseball caps help do that. Mechanics are often times sweating up a storm and the cap can be used as a stop gap to prevent them from getting soaked throughout the day. Put a company logo on the cap and you have yourself one uniform looking group of individuals. It’s a small detail, but it goes a long way towards making your company look like it is on point.

Pants or Jeans?

This one could be debated for a number of reasons, but at the end of the day you might arrive at a solution you have never thought of. Why not do both? If you have a standard uniform shirt then it really should not matter if your staff are wearing khaki pants or blue jeans as a part of their uniform ensemble. That is to say, it should not matter unless you are in an ultra-corporate environment or you just want everybody to wear jeans versus pants.

Beyond this, get creative with some other uniform additions. You could consider aprons if you run a bakery or restaurant. You might offer corporate jackets if your employees work out in weather conditions that can be harsh at times. The possibilities are endless and only limited to what you can come up with. Only one thing is certain, uniforms matter. It is important to choose one that accurately reflects your company and allows your staff the freedom of movement they need to do their job.

For your company uniform and other corporate apparel needs, call 949-588-8257 for a free quote.


Why Logos Matter on Your Corporate Apparel

college graphics for t-shirtIt is often said that the little things in life are what matter most. In business, sometimes this is truer than anything else. Take corporate branding for instance. It is a necessary evil. You want to set yourself apart from the competition, and as such you develop a logo to do this. Over time, the idea is that your logo can grow as your brand develops further. There is a tendency to focus on minutia, however, when it comes to effective logo use.

For instance, most corporations will provide business cards for their employees that have their company logo prominently displayed. They might even provide a clipboard or a notebook that is branded with their company logo. Often times, you will see them carrying pens that have the company logo branded on the side. Yet in all this, they forget the most important part of the equation, corporate apparel.

Some Prospective Corporate Apparel Branding

Why in the world would you go to the trouble of placing your logo on everything imaginable and yet neglect your corporate apparel? Well for some, the answer is they are above that. I actually understand that line of reasoning. Typically, the president of a Fortune 500 company does not go around wearing their company logo to board meetings and such, or do they? Google the top Fortune 500 companies and see what their CEOs wear. You might be surprised.

Putting your logo on your corporate apparel is essential for this reason. It is the only piece of corporate material that is a constant company billboard. Now granted, certain companies have trucks with their brand, however they also provide their employees with a branded shirt as well. This is a great way to get exposure for your company and raise awareness when they call on customers. Perhaps you think it is too expensive?

Think of it like this. How much money do you think you would have to spend for an advertisement that would reach hundreds or thousands of people per day? Now whatever that number is, ask yourself how much money it would take to brand 30 corporate shirts and give them to your employees to wear as they conduct their business during the work week. Often times these employees go out for lunch, they have to stop at the grocery store on the way home, or they are waiting at a bus stop, etc. You get the idea. You are paying for a walking billboard that will raise brand awareness and do so in one of the most efficient means imaginable.

For sales teams, branded corporate apparel is a must. Over time, your clients will get to know your salesperson, but should that person go on vacation or their territory be moved, a new employee might get stuck at the front of your client’s building being screened out by the receptionist/gatekeeper. You don’t want business getting stuck like that. A simple fix of a corporate branded shirt is all that it takes for them to be instantly recognized and accepted. That’s a pretty small price to pay to keep the wheels of commerce moving wouldn’t you agree?

At the end of the day, there is simply no good reason as to why you should not have your corporate apparel branded with your company logo. It provides a constant walking billboard, allows your staff to be easily recognized when they approach current and prospective clients, and can even be passed down from staff person to staff person as sizes change or employee turnover occurs. Branding your corporate apparel with your logo is one of the most cost-effective means of reaching a large audience and sets you apart from the competition in the long run.

Contact Name of the Game Embroidery for your corporate branding needs.


The Psychology Behind Alternate Logo Placement

T-shirt signWhere you place your logo on your shirt matters. Proper placement ensures great exposure and high visibility. Traditionally, on button down shirts, logos have either been placed on the right or left side, over the chest area. This is an obvious corporate posture and has been quite successful for decades. The only discussion up until recently has been whether or not to place the logo over the pocket. Conventional wisdom says no, as this will tend to get dirty easier because most employees store their pens or business cards in that pocket. However, certain other marketing strategies involve placing it directly over the pocket so the customer is drawn to it every time you reach for a pen or go to snag a business card.

At the end of the day, it really is up to the business owner or the design team that handles your companies logo placement on its apparel. Yet for the next few moments, let’s explore some alternate logo placement options and see how they might be used to create more exposure, or present your team in a different manner.

For starters, consider placing your corporate logo on the outer left or right shoulder of your corporate button-down shirt. You might place your company’s tagline or slogan on the upper right or left chest area, and juxtapose that with a logo placement on the outer shoulder. This postures your team in a more aggressive manner. It’s sets your team up as people who “get things done”. The nontraditional placement lends itself to people who are forward thinking and work to come up with creative solutions.

Another placement option for you to consider is the entire length of the left or right sleeve. This time we will simply reverse the equation. The logo will be placed on the upper left or right chest area of your shirt, while the tagline will read all the way down the right or left side of one sleeve. This is becoming more common with companies that want to present themselves as modern or progressive. It certainly garners attention as the eye is drawn to the asymmetrical placement, and therefore focuses on that spot.

Finally, consider placing your corporate logo on one of your collars. A simple graphic image displayed on the right or left tab of your collar gives your staff the perfect amount of corporate polish needed to make a statement when it is most important. Placing a logo in this location speaks to a corporation that likes to get involved. The eye is drawn close to the face because of the key logo placement. This sends the message to the customer that your company is not afraid of close contact, in fact, you consider strong relationships as a key component to good business.

The psychology of logo placement is just as important as your logo and message. Consider these options the next time you’re faced with making a change, or looking to place a new order. Mix up a few design options and see which ones impact your customer relationships the most. Those that don’t work can always be used as giveaways or freebies.

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