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Heat Transfer for T-Shirts


With the aid of modern technology, it is now very easy and simple to design your own t-shirt or other clothing. There are various methods you can use like screen printing, custom embroidery, and heat transfer. However wanting personalized design for your garments does not have to be expensive. There are companies who can to just what you want! But anyway, it would be nice to know more about the processes before trying one of the methods. Heat transfer is the subject for now.
Heat transfer is such a time saver and a much cheaper process. Companies and businessmen are opting for this as a way to make more profits in the long run. Here are the materials being used in heat transfer printing and how they work.


This is often used by giant industries. It works for light and dark colored fabric. For the light ones, inkjet heat transfer paper is transparent where white cannot be printed. For dark color designs, the image is being placed on the background before being printed. The paper is white in color and you don’t need to flip it horizontally.

Dye Sublimation

This method of heat transfer printing is slowly gaining popularity in the industry. A dye sublimation printer is being used on polymer coated substrates. The substrate can be some light colored material or it can just simply be white. The dye sublimation process is highly suggested for polymer and cotton mixed fabric. The polymer percentage must not be lower than 50%. This also works on microfiber fabric and nylon. Dye sublimation often gives the most amazing printing result. The finished design is very smooth and polished. You can’t even feel the print if you run your hands upon it. The ink being used is translucent and white fabric is the perfect compliment. Grey or ash fabric comes second best.

Heat transfer printing can be used on a variety of fabric on other surfaces where ordinary printing methods do not work. The only secret is to find the perfect compliments when it comes to substrate and colors. After that, you can expect the best printing result. This is very eco friendly and has a wide range of convenience.


Set Your Business Apart From Others

If you’re an aspiring business owner, there is a good chance you are thinking of how to promote your business in the most affordable way possible. It can be quite overwhelming deciding what route to go on, as there are tons of business tips and information available online. But before you choose one method over the others, learn why custom embroidery is worth investing your time and money.

Custom embroidery has been warmly welcomed by many businesses in the industry, small, medium, and large. Mainly for logo purposes, custom embroidery is used to promote a business image. It can be through uniforms that are widely seen by potential customers wherever you go. By choosing a company that offers top notch impressive design, your logo can create a good first impression on your customers, thus resulting in better business.

Create A High Quality Impression

Simple printing is widely used in business. Yes, it is quite practical to settle down on this method. However, with a little addition in your budget, you can make your business logo or your business mantra appear more professional with custom embroidery. A customized uniform is a very important part of a professional environment. Through an eye-catching design, your business is given a classy and much more authoritative look. Always remember, your logo is tied to the services or products you are offering. The better you present your logo, the greater opportunity for your customers to remember you.

Durability Over Time

As time goes by, basic printing fades away. With custom embroidery, you can be rest assured that your marketing apparel will look great for a very long time. This is because your logo is securely embroidered into the cloth and it will not peel off from natural causes even after years. Even after the garments have been worn and washed over and over again, the design stays safe and intact. Also, the materials used in custom embroidery hold color a lot better than printed logos.

In order for you to reap all of the positive benefits that custom embroidery can bring to your business, you have to make sure that the company you choose has an intimate knowledge when it comes to the process. Services like custom embroidery, monogramming, screen printing, heat transfer, digitizing services and other promotional methods must be on the qualification list. Try us today and stand above the competition.

Branding Word Concept


Towels, Totes and T-Shirts, 3 Easy Ways to Brand Your Gym

sports equipment is ready to use a top view

Now more than ever, it is easy to brand your business. This is particularly true if you own a gym. Ownership is becoming more and more popular as people are inclined to live a healthier lifestyle. Regardless of whether you own a chain franchise, or an independent outfit, there are a few basic items you can customize to help establish your brand. Following are some ways to get your gym noticed. Take a look at the following brandable items, and put them to work for you.

3 Items That Work Well for Branding Your Gym


Every gym has these. Typically, there are several bins located throughout the facility for members to discard their used towels. However, towels frequently end up in cars and gym bags as an accidental afterthought. Most often, once people are home, the thought of taking the towel back never occurs to them. Part of this lies in the fact that it may look similar to hand towels they have at home, or look like one of their own that they take to the gym. To prevent this from happening, why not have your towels embroidered? You can get a good deal on a bulk quantity, and it is an excellent way to brand your business. Plus, people are much more likely to return the towel if it has your business name and logo on it.


This is an easy way to brand a gym. Now that screen printing has modernized, the options are endless. Perhaps you could have T-shirts printed to give away to new members? You could also have them printed up for fundraisers, or have several different styles created and have them available for purchase at the front desk. The best part about this? It is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to get your gym recognized and noticed. It is advertising at its finest. Every time someone wears one of your T-shirts, they become a walking billboard.


This one could go a couple of different ways. There are totes that can be screen printed. This might be the most economical route to go if you’re looking to have something to sell to members so they can store their clothes, toiletries, and other gym necessities. However, you can also consider having an embroidered tote available for sale as well. Those are much more durable, and look great. Either way, you can never go wrong with a tote.

The best thing about these three items is that they are something people use. Branding items that people use is always a much better route to go when it comes to branding… if you can get away with it. This is why people do things like brand pens and coffee mugs. Those are items people use every day and branding these items is an easy way to organically spread the word about their business. Fortunately, the three items mentioned above work much the same way at a gym. Everyone could always use a towel, T-shirt, or tote. Plus, they give you several different ways of tying your customer to your brand. This will build trust, loyalty, and a healthy, long term relationships.


Why Custom Corporate Apparel is a must for Businesses in the Hospitality Industry

Brand your business further by having employees wear custom corporate apparel.

Brand your business further by having your employees wear custom corporate apparel.

Ever experienced walking into an establishment needing assistance but can’t quite figure out who to ask for help? Wondering if that girl around the corner is an employee or just another well-dressed shopper?  Given the fact that hospitality industry like hotels, motels and resorts is a growing competitive marketplace, the presence of custom clothing is important in giving the business that inherent uniqueness. That being said, here are some benefits to having employees wear custom corporate apparel.

Boost Your Profit

Most of the customers, believe it or not, would more likely patronize and pay a much higher price in an establishment where employees are dressed professionally. With custom clothing provided for staff, you could give your business that sharp and polished look that commands respect and customers highly prefer.

Brand Uniqueness

Establishments that operate a chain of hotels and restaurants could do more with custom staff clothing than without. It gives them that inherent brand uniqueness that links through all individual businesses that is part of the chain. Whenever customers visit one location it will give them that familiarity and comfort especially if they had a wonderful experience with the establishment in the past.

Sharp and Polished Appearance

With custom apparel, aside from the professional atmosphere it brings to your business, employees in uniforms are your walking ad that can definitely boost promotion of your business anytime the clock is ticking at work. You may want to incorporate embroidered patches as part of the uniform to bring out that uniqueness. Knowing no two patches are the same, have it designed to meet that one-of-a-kind look your business wants to accomplish.

Easy Staff Identification

Custom clothing for staff is essential to separate them from your guests. This would be highly appreciated by your consumers especially when they are seeking assistance from the hotel crew. Erroneously addressing a wandering customer as one of the employees is a lot more embarrassing than it seems. Trust us you wouldn’t want to subject your guests to such an ordeal.

Staff uniforms can easily be customized with any color and design to suit your business’ character and what it represents. It could be designed to fit the company’s marketing objectives which can be publicly shared. Whenever guests or customers see your brand emblazoned on your staff’s uniform, it puts to life your company goals and principles. Furthermore, whenever a customer walks in, the entire place would definitely give that organized and sleek look and feel. Custom corporate apparel is a business branding strategy that the hospitality industry must learn to leverage.

If you need custom embroidery for your corporate staff uniforms anywhere in California, Name of the Game guarantees a professional and top quality job at competitive prices. Visit our website or drop us a line here for more information.


Recycling Old Event T-shirts

Clever and creative ways to get rid of old event t-shirts.

Clever and creative ways to get rid of old event t-shirts.

So the charity golf tournament has come and gone, but you still have several hundred T-shirts left over. The question remains as to what to do with all of that extra merchandise? Well, we have a few tips to offer in that regard. Some of these are creative, some are practical, and a few will net you some brownie points with environmentalists and charities. Take a look at what to do the next time you are stuck with a load of outdated event T-shirts.

Donate Them. That’s right, simply give them away. If you are a major corporation, then this is probably the best idea. It will give you the biggest bang for your buck. The giveaway can be written off as a charitable contribution, and charities like Goodwill, and the Salvation Army often have great retail thrift stores to place the merchandise in. Most people like buying these types of T-shirts to use while they are cutting their grass, working on their house, or sweating it out at the gym. It keeps them from ruining their nicer clothes.

Reuse Them. That’s right, there are all sorts of ways you can reuse old event T-shirts. For instance, at your next event, use the extra T-shirts as an additional gift. Simply tuck them in the gift bag and let the participants score an extra bonus. Chances are they won’t mind that the shirt carries last year’s date on it, particularly if it is being used for the same event. Most will probably be thrilled to get an extra T-shirt, and you can use that as an additional marketing point in your event promotion.

Kid Aprons. Find a local Montessori school, or kindergarten class that is known for letting kids be creative. Old event T-shirts make perfect smocks and paint aprons to keep little hands, feet, and outfits clean. The school will thank you for the donation, and you can probably get a tax write off for it as well. Plus, parents will be grateful that their kids come home without paint or gunk all over their nice clean clothes.

Sell Them. That’s right, why not make a little bit of scratch off of the shirts? You might need a little bit of prep work for this one though. Before you have the event, let participants know that T-shirts are available-for-sale to friends and family members at a cut rate. Most people will take advantage of the deal, especially if their loved one is participating in it, and this is also a great way to help you get rid of extra event inventory if you fear it will be lying around for months to come.

All of these ideas are great for helping you thin out that stack of T-shirts that has been accumulating in the back office store room. The next time you have an event, keep these ideas in mind and you will be well on your way to minimizing that pile. The ideas above are much better alternatives to throwing the shirts away. Nothing is gained by that. Also, recycling or donating the T-shirts is such an easy way to go green that there is really no reason not to try. Get clever and creative, and see what other ways you can come up with to make a difference with your event T-shirts.


Sometimes Simpler is Better, Making T-shirts That Stand Out

Simple t-shirt design that stands out is best for your business.

Simple t-shirt design that stands out is sometimes the better choice for branding  your business.

Airbrushed flames look great on the hood of an old classic muscle car, but not so much on T-shirts. Neither do busy graphics that look too complex or messy. You know what I’m talking about. You have seen those types of T-shirts and wondered what the person was thinking when they came up with that design. Sometimes, less is more. In fact, when it comes to graphic design, there could not be a more truer statement. Gone are the days of flashy, busy, intricate patterns that catch the eye and woo the prospect with great imagery. Now, simple, clever designs are what is necessary.

To do that, we should take a head nod from the Apple Corporation. Think of your T-shirt design as an iPhone. You want to design your shirt in much the same way that Apple packages the iPhone. They are marketing masters, and their packaging works for one great reason… It is very simple.

Say What You Mean. Right off the bat, when you purchase an iPhone, nothing is left to the imagination as to what is inside. The box clearly states that the phone is inside. In fact, that is all that the box says. There are no phrases like “new and improved”, or “faster and better”, to be found anywhere on the box. Nope, just the word iPhone and the model number. Think of your T-shirt in much the same way. If you have a slogan, rather than try to dress it up with fancy script or pop several images around it, simply say what you mean. Choose a typeface that stands out and let the font speak for itself.

Minimal Logo. Isn’t it ironic that the Apple logo does not have flames shooting from its stem, or wings lifting it up to the heavens. There are no tertiary images associated with the logo, simply an apple with a bite taken out of it. Think about that when you go to place your logo. If you have an intricate logo, work to scale it down to the image that is most iconic or representative of your brand. This could be a reinvention of sorts, or a reinterpretation of your logo for a specific event you are putting on, say at Christmas or Halloween.

Customer Engagement. Apple’s packaging is designed to let users engage its product. There are very little instructions on the inside, if any. The product itself is the instruction. Think of that when you are designing your T-shirts. Rather than filling the back of the shirt with a ton of information about your company or product, consider statements like “Ask me how”, or “I can help”, to allow customers the freedom to engage your staff. Then, let the staff explain the product or service that your business offers. There is much more potential to close a sale that way rather than letting company employees wear T-shirts packed with graphical product information.

Approaching your T-shirt design like this will yield a product that is engaging, fresh, and insightful. Customers will appreciate the fact that you took time to recognize them as a potential buyer. You can almost hear your cash register ringing up sales now can’t you?

Still confused which t-shirt design you should use in branding your business? Name of the Game Embroidery will take the burden off your shoulders. Try us today!


Custom Design Your Winter Wear for Brand Exposure and Unity

beautiful woman in warm clothing with snowAs winter approaches, sweatshirts, hats, scarves, and jackets will begin to pop up everywhere. Though the functionality they serve is the same, to keep us warm and toasty, they could also serve a different purpose if you are savvy and insightful. Consider this, it is common for corporations to get themed shirts. For instance, many restaurants are known for having employees where a customized company t-shirt while they are at work. Management often gets a customized themed polo or different type of custom t-shirt. Professional environments will brand their employees with company polo shirts and embroidered button down shirts.

They all serve a great purpose and are quite effective at visually unifying your team. Yet consider this, what do you do when winter approaches? All of those nice logos and screen prints are covered up with sweat shirts, or jackets and scarves. The very reason you have custom shirts is all but thwarted during the winter months, unless you consider another option.

Why not bite the bullet and provide custom printed sweat shirts, or custom embroidered jackets for your employees to wear? Nothing speaks more professionally than pulling up to a valet stand and seeing the valet sport a jacket or coat with your company logo on it. This instantly sets up the relationship as professional.

Furthermore, hats and sweatshirts can be embroidered with your company logo or slogan to achieve the same effect. If you have a long outdoor event during one of the winter months, why not unify your team with sweatshirts? People that have questions on where to park or people that need directions can instantly spot someone on your corporate team. The unity keeps them from getting lost in the crowd. Psychologically, this sets you up as a company that is on point and at the top of your game. You really can’t put a price tag on that type of intrinsic value.

 Consider some other scenarios. Perhaps you have a special ribbon cutting or an important executive event with all of your top brass present. Having jackets or coats on hand with your company logo embroidered on them will unify the scene and make for great photo ops. You can keep a few fleece jackets around for your staff to wear as they work the event.

 Again, the goal is not brand awareness as much as it is brand unification. Having these types of sturdy items embroidered and in use really puts forth the idea that your company is foundational and solid. Typical, fly-by-night operations do not have the type of capital needed to invest in such items. So you have to wonder, if all it takes to set you apart from your competition is a few customized jackets, long sleeve shirts, hats, and scarves… why would you not do that? For brand exposure, unification, and professional presentation, customized winter wear items are a great choice.

Contact us for your custom winter wear needs.


The Psychology Behind Alternate Logo Placement

T-shirt signWhere you place your logo on your shirt matters. Proper placement ensures great exposure and high visibility. Traditionally, on button down shirts, logos have either been placed on the right or left side, over the chest area. This is an obvious corporate posture and has been quite successful for decades. The only discussion up until recently has been whether or not to place the logo over the pocket. Conventional wisdom says no, as this will tend to get dirty easier because most employees store their pens or business cards in that pocket. However, certain other marketing strategies involve placing it directly over the pocket so the customer is drawn to it every time you reach for a pen or go to snag a business card.

At the end of the day, it really is up to the business owner or the design team that handles your companies logo placement on its apparel. Yet for the next few moments, let’s explore some alternate logo placement options and see how they might be used to create more exposure, or present your team in a different manner.

For starters, consider placing your corporate logo on the outer left or right shoulder of your corporate button-down shirt. You might place your company’s tagline or slogan on the upper right or left chest area, and juxtapose that with a logo placement on the outer shoulder. This postures your team in a more aggressive manner. It’s sets your team up as people who “get things done”. The nontraditional placement lends itself to people who are forward thinking and work to come up with creative solutions.

Another placement option for you to consider is the entire length of the left or right sleeve. This time we will simply reverse the equation. The logo will be placed on the upper left or right chest area of your shirt, while the tagline will read all the way down the right or left side of one sleeve. This is becoming more common with companies that want to present themselves as modern or progressive. It certainly garners attention as the eye is drawn to the asymmetrical placement, and therefore focuses on that spot.

Finally, consider placing your corporate logo on one of your collars. A simple graphic image displayed on the right or left tab of your collar gives your staff the perfect amount of corporate polish needed to make a statement when it is most important. Placing a logo in this location speaks to a corporation that likes to get involved. The eye is drawn close to the face because of the key logo placement. This sends the message to the customer that your company is not afraid of close contact, in fact, you consider strong relationships as a key component to good business.

The psychology of logo placement is just as important as your logo and message. Consider these options the next time you’re faced with making a change, or looking to place a new order. Mix up a few design options and see which ones impact your customer relationships the most. Those that don’t work can always be used as giveaways or freebies.


Black and White or Color Logos … Which Should I Choose?

Confused young manBranding your business is necessary to create awareness and impact your customer base. Today it is not enough to simply show up with business cards and brochures. You need to show up on point and present yourself in such a way that lets your potential customer know you are the perfect fit for them.

This is even more important if you are expecting your customer to come visit you. The last thing you want is for a potential client to walk through your doors and be met with sparse furnishings, mismatched office decor, and a question mark on their face that says “Am I at the right place”?

You need branding and you need it done well. Your logo needs to be highly visible and found in more than one area of your corporate headquarters. It also needs to be present with your field staff on at least two or three items. Pens, clipboards, T-shirts, jackets, and just about any other thing you can think of should have your logo on it if they are being carried around by your staff. Your office needs to have it displayed on your windows, posted on your wall somewhere, and on shirts or uniforms worn by your staff.

Considerations for Each

At some point, the question will arise as to whether or not you should use a black-and-white image, or go with a color design. Most often, this decision is made according to price and that might not be the best way to approach the matter. Color logos do cost a bit more, but they have certain advantages depending on the color of your shirt or promotional item. Say you are using a white button-down shirt as the canvas for your logo. A color image will pop right off of the white background. Conversely, if you are using a dark color shirt, or a shirt with dark print, then a color logo may not be your best option. If your logo contains a lot of brown or dark green, it could get lost against the background. A white logo will cause it to pop and provide a nice contrast to the uniform.

For the same reason, a color logo works great on white or light colored items. A simple black or white image will contrast a bit, but it could get lost in the details of the shirt or just look like a minor embellishment that pairs well with your buttonholes or seam thread. Color imagery will pop off the background and get noticed. It makes an obvious statement.

These reasons illustrate why you should never choose a logo option based on the price of a black-and-white image just because it may be cheaper. Depending on the color or texture of your shirt, you could be doing yourself and your company a disservice.

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to provide suggestions that will create the best results for your logo.


How to Design Your Custom T-Shirt

Whether you’re starting your own business or already have one established, having your own company custom t-shirt is a great way of strengthening your brand and creating better brand recognition. It can also help bring together your employees and solidify their relationship with the company. Custom t-shirts can be used for a variety of things, from office trips and uniforms, to marketing collateral and contest giveaways.Custom T-Shirts

If you’re looking to design your company t-shirt, here are some tips that may help you on your way.

  1. Plan your design – Before you put pen to paper, ask yourself what kind of characteristics do you want your design to have? Do you want it strong and bold or light and playful? Are you creating an entirely new logo or using one you already have? Think of a theme that goes well with your company’s philosophy and branch out from there.
  2. Brand message – What kind of message do you want your t-shirt to relay? If you’re creating a design for a specific event and purpose, write down all the particulars that you want the design to have, from text to graphics. Stay within the confines of your brand identity but don’t be afraid to get creative as well.
  3. Scope out the competition – If you’re having trouble coming up with a design, a good place to start is by scoping out what the competition is doing. But don’t copy their designs. Use their designs as reference and take note of the things that you think work and don’t work and apply it to your own design.
  4. Choose a color scheme – Choose the colors you want to use for the t-shirt, from the color of the t-shirt to the graphic and text colors. While it might be tempting to use a lot of colors to make your design pop, it’s best to stick to a few, about two to three, so as to not overwhelm the design. Pick one color then study the color wheel and see which colors complement it. Make sure the colors you choose are in line with your brand/business and is appropriate for the given subject matter. For example, if you’re designing a fun run event for your company and advocate breast cancer awareness, choose colors that will complement the color pink.
  5. Make a rough sketch of your design on paper – Draw your design on paper and experiment with different elements. Play with different proportions, shapes, and colors.
  6. Transfer your sketch to the computer – Scan your design and edit it with graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator. Create a vector outline of your design and edit it digitally, applying colors and shading wherever appropriate. You can also use a photo from your collection or a purchased stock image with your design.

Need professional help with your design? We offer design services to create unique designs for your company and upcoming events.

For custom t-shirts, jackets, and hats, contact Name of the Game. We can design and create all your custom apparel for your next company event. We service Lake Forest and surrounding areas in Orange County, California.

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