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Screen Printing Benefits for the Prodcution Industry

With various trends coming in the market today, more and more business owners are getting anxious about whether to stick to screen printing or to try new methods. A proven and widely known method when it comes to the production of shirts and other garments, screen printing has a lot of benefits which can’t be easily shunned by the latest trends.

Having said that, here are the major benefits of screen printing, that are worth mentioning:

It Is Economical

When it comes to quantity production, screen printing is the best option. This is because you can use the same panel many times over if you need multiple copies. With this cheaper method, cost recovery comes easy and you’ll have higher profits.

It’s a Time Saver

In comparison with the other methods of advertising, screen printing works quicker. With just requisite materials and screen panels combined with expert skills and speed, you will have the finished products in no time at all. The colors dry quickly and you can kick start your advertising right away. Imagine your garments being viewed by tons of people of your target audience. You have lots of chances to convert those prospective customers into real clients.

You Can Go For Customized and Larger Designs

In digital printing, it is not that easy to make adjustments when it comes to resizing your design. However, you can have your desired output with screen printing. The idea is to choose the screen’s panel size and you don’t need to worry that your design might get distorted, especially with images and text. With creative and resourceful people, you can be rest assured your desired outcome is what you will see.

It is Both Effective and Convenient

Screen printing has a wide range of utility. It is perfect for printing on clothes, garments, and other fabrics. It is also effective to use in your product labels, printing designs on balloons, circuit boards, and so much more.

Sturdiness and Durability

Screen printed designs are tough even with harsh conditions. It would take some time before the colors appear dull and weary. With proper care, your printed design will still look vivacious and attractive even after years.

So before choosing a company that offers screen printing services, find out first if that company is taking all the measures needed to ensure quality, performs the job accurately, and is worth your money.


Out of the Box Family Reunion Ideas

Untitled designFamily reunions are a time of laughing, crying, and sharing. People who have not seen each other in years get reacquainted, and there is always plenty of food and fun to be had. Typically, most people walk away from a reunion with a T-shirt or two. It’s a way to commemorate the event, and also a way to remind everyone just how special, and close, the bond of family can be.

Yet, what if you wanted to do something a bit unique. What if you wanted to go a bit non-traditional with your family reunion takeaways? Well, following are a few of our favorite items that will make quite a statement at your next function.

Lanyards. This one is simple and fun. It’s also cost-effective too. Kids can use it to wear their ID card around their neck for school or sporting events. Adults can use it for all sorts of things including name badges, keys, and even a whistle or two if they carry the title “coach”. Most of the time, lanyards are quite inexpensive too. This is a great option if you are doing a family reunion on a budget. Get them embroidered and your family will have a nice keepsake for quite a long time.

Baseball Caps. This is another gift idea that is very functional. Baseball caps usually get the most use when they are used as a giveaway. The reason is simple. They are so functional. You can purchase them and have them embroidered on the back with your family’s last name and the date of the reunion. The front could have a logo of sorts or the slogan for the reunion embroidered on it. This is a great way to commemorate the event, and also allow others to take the memory home with them.

Dish Towels. This is one that would be so simple and cheap to provide, yet most people never think of it. However, when you consider how much a dish towel is used, it makes perfect sense. You could have a few of these embroidered, and on display at the family reunion while guests are fixing plates or serving meals, etc. They are quite economical, and you can probably get a killer deal if you purchase them in bulk. Also, since they have a much larger surface area, you could put a logo or a picture of some sort embroidered on the towel too, if your budget allows.

Beach Towels. That’s right, when it is time for your guests to hit the beach, why not let them remember your reunion by sending them home with a personalized beach towel? These are pretty easy to come by, and make great choices for embroidery since they are usually one hundred percent cotton. If you search the net for closeout deals, you can usually get a good deal. Then, simply strike a deal with your embroidery shop on the customization and placement of the information. They can help you out with a few ideas of their own too. Your guests will have a nice keepsake that they will get plenty of use from as well.

Frisbees. These are simple and can be purchased by the hundreds. Simply have your information screen printed on the frisbee, and send them flying home with your guests. Chances are, you will probably have several flying around during the reunion too, with all of those children present. That’s okay, it’s better than having a lot of children present and nothing to do, right?

There are many more ideas to be had if you let your mind wander a bit. The items in our list have made the cut because they are economical and easy. Anytime you can have the words family reunion, economical, and easy in the same sentence… that’s a win-win. Put these tips to use and make your next reunion a hit!


How Screen Printing Works

t-shirt on screen tableIf you want to create your own custom-designed t-shirts, a great way of executing your design would be through screen printing. Screen printing creates high-quality images that can be used for everything from brand identity, team uniforms, or special events.

Screen printing uses a synthetic screen stretched over a wooden or metal frame. The screen is then coated with a light-sensitive emulsion that blocks out any parts that haven’t been exposed to light through a burning process.

 Here’s a step-by-step process of how screen printing works.

1. Start with your design – Before deciding on a design, make sure the one you’re going to use is a high-quality one – one that uses a minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch) to ensure a clear and well-defined image. If you’re not sure how to go about it, we can guide you or we also offer professional design services.

Afterwards, the design is then printed onto a film or vellum. The film used for screen printing is similar to that used in overhead projectors, though a vellum can also be used as a cheaper, but just as effective, alternative. This kind of film allows light to penetrate properly, creating a high quality image.

2. Colors are then separated from the design – If your design uses several different colors, these colors are then separated and printed onto different films.

3. Emulsion is applied to the design – After color separation, a photo-sensitive emulsion is then applied to each screen. The emulsion will block out any areas where there are gaps in your design to create a proper stencil. The screens are then dried before the next step, the exposure process.

4. Burning – During exposure process, or burning process, the screens are transferred to an exposure unit. These units contain lights inside them. The films are then placed between a glass and the screen so that light can shine down on it, through the glass and film, and into the screen. Wherever the light doesn’t hit, the emulsion will block out.

5. Printing – After the burning process, the screens will then be washed out with water to remove excess emulsion and left to dry. After the screens dry, they’re ready for the registration process.

6. Registration is a process of lining up each screen so that the design/image is in its proper place and ready for printing.

So whether you want to customize t-shirts for your annual company retreat, or have a t-shirt design in mind for your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, screen printing is a great way of making your designs a reality.

For custom t-shirts, jackets, and other printed apparel, visit Name of the Game Custom Embroidery and Screen Printing services. We service Lake Forest and surrounding areas in Orange County, California.


Choosing Between Heat Transfer and Screen Printing

If you have ever considered having a design added to a t-shirt or sweatshirt, you probably had to come up with an answer to the question of which type of process to use. Believe it or not, there is more than one way to create custom t-shirts that look great, and will last for longer than one wash. Two popular methods are heat transfer and screen printing- both of which we provide at our shop in Lake Forest, CA.

Heat Transfer

The heat transfer process is a high quality method of applying multi-color designs to a variety of fabrics. Heat transferring uses a specialized printer combined with a heat press to apply almost any image. This is not a new process by any means; you may have remembered the iron-on transfers of the past. Professional heat transferring uses a similar process to transfer images that won’t fade or crack off after a few washes.

Heat transferring can be used on a wide selection of fabrics, including cotton, spandex, polyester and lycra. We use this type of application to apply sports lettering to jerseys, but it can also be used to add your personal photos to an apparel item of your choice. The heat transfer process is very quick and can be done on a piece by piece basis.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is an ancient art that has only gotten better with time. Screen printing is used to apply a standard image to multiple items. It used to be known as silk screening, because it involved using a special screen (made of silk) to apply the design. Nowadays, the design is created on computers and transmitted via lasers to a distinctly designed screen. It is no longer referred to as silk-screening because the screens are no longer made out of silk.

Technical advances in screen printing have made it easy and affordable for more people to use this type of process. To create your customized apparel, simply create a computerized vector image that will be transferred to a screen. Don’t have the software for that? It’s okay our graphic design services can create a unique design for you; or if you have existing images that need to be converted to the proper format we can do that too! Once the screen has been created, it can be used indefinitely to transfer the image to the necessary fabrics.

Because the process is so involved, screen printing is best suited for customizing large amounts of apparel. It also means that it is not the quickest way to purchase custom t-shirts. For that reason, many people decide to use heat transferring. However, if you know that you may need additional applications in the future, creating a custom screen through screen printing ensures that your items all have the exact same design.

Regardless of whether you choose to use heat transfer or screen printing, you will receive the best quality and service by working with Name of the Game Embroidery. We provide custom embroidery, screen printing and heat transferring for Lake Forest and surrounding areas of Orange County.
Contact us today for a quote on your custom apparel needs.

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