Choosing the Right Uniform for Your Staff

Mullti-ethnic Group Business Meeting Seminar ConceptUniforms are great. They create a sense of camaraderie and also unify the workplace. They are also useful to anyone who enters the premises. When people enter your workplace, if your staff have uniforms, they are much more easily identifiable as people who can point them in the right direction rather than if they just blend in with their surroundings. To that end, it is important that you choose a uniform that really speaks to your environment and represents your company well. Consider these tips the next time you go to pick out your uniform.

T-shirts or button down Shirts?

This one can be a bit subjective, but in the end it all depends on what you are trying to convey, and your working environment. For instance, if you’re in a corporate environment, then obviously a button down shirt would be the way to go. You could place a logo on the chest area above the pocket and maybe detail the sleeves a bit. However, if your corporate office and your manufacturing division are in the same building, then you might want to consider a polo shirt or even a T-shirt; if corporate management also have to walk the manufacturing grounds frequently. It does no good for your corporate employees to have nice button-down shirts if they are just going to get ruined every day they come to work.

Conversely, if you were in the restaurant industry then it seems that T-shirts are the way to go. However, consider this. Perhaps you could set yourself apart by requiring your wait staff to wear a button down shirt while kitchen staff use T-shirts as a part of their uniform. Maybe you go even further and require your kitchen staff to wear a button down shirt as well, to provide a uniform look throughout your entire establishment. The funny thing is you don’t have to be a five-star dining establishment in order for this to make an impact. If you are just a mom-and-pop pizza joint, it speaks volumes when customers come in and are presented with professional looking staff.

Baseball Caps

These can be a bit tricky. There’s a tendency for people to think that a baseball cap is too casual, however they certainly have applications for certain industries. Mechanics and restaurant workers in particular will benefit from their use. Restaurant employees are required to keep their hair in place and baseball caps help do that. Mechanics are often times sweating up a storm and the cap can be used as a stop gap to prevent them from getting soaked throughout the day. Put a company logo on the cap and you have yourself one uniform looking group of individuals. It’s a small detail, but it goes a long way towards making your company look like it is on point.

Pants or Jeans?

This one could be debated for a number of reasons, but at the end of the day you might arrive at a solution you have never thought of. Why not do both? If you have a standard uniform shirt then it really should not matter if your staff are wearing khaki pants or blue jeans as a part of their uniform ensemble. That is to say, it should not matter unless you are in an ultra-corporate environment or you just want everybody to wear jeans versus pants.

Beyond this, get creative with some other uniform additions. You could consider aprons if you run a bakery or restaurant. You might offer corporate jackets if your employees work out in weather conditions that can be harsh at times. The possibilities are endless and only limited to what you can come up with. Only one thing is certain, uniforms matter. It is important to choose one that accurately reflects your company and allows your staff the freedom of movement they need to do their job.

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