I Have an Intricate Logo Is Embroidery Right for Me?

Rugby embroideryMost people think of bad needlepoint designs in old bamboo hoops that elderly people frame or hang on their wall when they think of embroidery. However, embroidery has certainly come a long way since its inception. It is no longer used to just make custom towels or handkerchiefs for men’s suits. It is not just used for monogrammed pillows. Today embroidery is a multi-million dollar industry.

Why Embroidery?

The reason for this is simple. You can get just about anything embroidered if it is material or cloth based. Everything from baseball caps, T-shirts, beach towels, dish towels, canvas totes, and flags can be embroidered with whatever you choose. There are a range of color options and thread styles. Design options are only limited by your imagination, and you might be impressed by how good your logo looks when it is displayed on the finished product.

The diversity of embroidery makes it a great choice for putting your logo on company shirts and the like. The possibilities are endless now as most embroidery machines operate off of vector images and utilize software and technology that is cutting edge. The color range is only limited to the types of thread that your supplier has in stock. If they are out, they can always order a particular color to suit your needs should you require it.

Is My Logo Too Complex for Embroidery?

So with that said, the time has come to update the company polo shirts and you want to get your logo embroidered on the front. However, your logo is very intricate and you are afraid that it might not translate well. Here is a bit of good news for you. Since most embroidery shops utilize software along with their machines, they can re-create just about any logo you give them. Intricate designs do not limit what a print shop can do because modern embroidery machines use several different types of stitching.

In fact, there are three primary types of stitching they use. Cross stitches are used as foundation stitching for letters and numbers. Loop stitches can be used to cover an area with a defined amount of color and are very precise. Run stitches are tiny little single stitches that are used as connecting points between letters or other items in your graphic that might be separate from the main image. All of these types of stitching methods are pre-programed into the embroidery software and used as needed to create your logo design. The resulting product is polished and impressive. There is nothing quite like seeing your image come to life on a shirt or hat.

There are only a few requirements on your end. Typically, your embroidery shop will ask for your logo in a specific file format such as JPEG, bitmap, etc. They can then print up a sample image for you and show you what your logo would look like before you make your final decision. You might be surprised to see that just because your logo is intricate, it is possible to have it embroidered and look great. The embroidery shop will also guide you in color choices and the like. They might tell you that your logo would look good on a certain color shirt or to stay away from a particular color, etc. After that, the only thing left to do is place your order for your polo shirts and pick them up in a couple of weeks.

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