Limitless Potential With Embroidered Gifts


Embroidered gifts have been around for longer than most people can remember. Typically when you think of a gift that is embroidered, you might think of your grandfather’s old handkerchiefs. However, with the leaps and bounds that have been made in the industry during recent years, and the rise of personalized gifts, there are many more applications for embroidery. You can truly make your loved one’s next anniversary or birthday really special. Let’s look at a few of the ways that embroidery can be applied to modern day gifting.

Gym Bags. How many times have you sent things off to school or to the gym yourself in a gym bag, only to have it missing at the end because it looks so much like everyone else’s? Well, have your bag embroidered with your name or a power statement to get you motivated. Better yet, have a bag stitched up in style for a friend, or loved one and send it as a personal gift. These are thoughtful, and they are much less likely to be mixed up after a workout.

Towels. This one has been around for quite a while, yet now, you can do so much more with them. Consider taking your towels to the next level by having them embroidered with a catchy phrase or funny picture. These are perfect for newlywed gifts, or to add a splash of sarcasm at Christmas for parents and in-laws.

Frame It. One of the new trends is actually a spin on an old tradition. People used to take their wedding invitations and have them framed with a catchy phrase or picture included. Today, why not consider framing an embroidered piece of fabric with the bride and groom’s wedding date included on the piece. They are sure to keep this pieced of individual art work for years to come. However, you might want to get an okay ahead of time about color, font, and the like to make sure it will be a piece that they enjoy.

Aprons. These are timeless and there are so many clever things you can do with them today. Spice up one for your wife or significant other, or take a jab at your man. Whatever you choose to do the ideas are endless and the results can be quite funny.

Backpacks. Perfect for Christmas and birthdays, a personalized backpack can go a long way. There are several different things you can do to mix it up a bit. Instead of just having the back of the item embroidered, you can even get their name or a phrase running down one of the straps. Clever, creative, and personable, this is a gift they are sure to remember.

Baby Bibs. Why not go above and beyond and create a bib that stands out a bit more? Get creative and clever. You can easily have a bib embroidered with more than just a baby’s name. A catchy phrase or joke can be added to lighten the mood at meal time, and also keep mom and dad a bit calmer as well.

There you have it, several different gift ideas that are completely nontraditional. Most of the time people think of shirts and hats for embroidery items. Yet, as you can see from the list above, there are so many other options. Give one of these items the next time you have a birthday or holiday event coming up, and impress the recipient with a gift that is uniquely specific!

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