Logo Branding, Making Your Hotel Uniform … More Uniform

Hotel worker on receptionService industry uniforms are always a bit tricky, particularly if your service industry is in the hotel business sector. There is one reason for this. Everybody will not have the same uniform. Your front desk people may wear polos, or they might wear a nice oxford shirt with a blazer, depending on your star rating or the type of atmosphere you want to convey to your guests. Your banquet service wait staff and restaurant crew will have a completely different type of uniform. Furthermore, housekeeping will look different as well. Then, there are always the bellhops and valets who will have another uniform that is a slightly different flavor than the front desk staff.

The attempt is to separate each segment of the hotel according to their job description. That’s fine, as long as it all ties together. To their credit, usually it does. If you own or operate a hotel then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Typically, there is a color scheme that unites the staff. Matching shirts, pants; that sort of thing. There is usually a name tag with a company logo on it to let guests know you work for Corporation XYZ.

The Problem with Name Tags

Name tags are great, however, they always appear a bit temporary in nature, especially when you see employees wearing a name tag that has obviously seen better days. You know what I’m referring to, those name tags that have a barely legible name because it has been all but scratched off; or the name tag is chipped, broken, etc. Nothing wrong with name tags, they just need to be kept up-to-date and fresh if you are looking to show to your guests that attention to detail matters.

A better way to do this is quite simple. Have your uniforms embroidered with your company’s logo. It’s as simple as that. Branding your housekeeping staff, restaurant staff, bellhops, valets, and front desk staff will unify your whole uniform scheme. It makes your hotel uniforms, well… more uniform.

Why a Logo Works

It also looks more permanent. Again, there is nothing wrong with wearing a name tag that has your company’s logo on it, however, a uniform with the logo embroidered on the sleeve or over the front pocket really cements the identity of the person wearing it as a company representative. It conveys the authority behind your brand. If you have not considered doing this in the past, you might want to look into it. It is probably a lot more cost-effective then you think. Typically, logos can be made using one or two colors, so you are only looking at one or two different threads. Talk with Name of the Game Custom Embroidery and see what we can do for you. Having logos on your hotel uniforms really makes your staff more identifiable in the marketplace. It also cements your image in the mind of your guests. The return on that is priceless.

We can help make your hotel uniforms more uniform. Contact us today.


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