The Psychology Behind Alternate Logo Placement

T-shirt signWhere you place your logo on your shirt matters. Proper placement ensures great exposure and high visibility. Traditionally, on button down shirts, logos have either been placed on the right or left side, over the chest area. This is an obvious corporate posture and has been quite successful for decades. The only discussion up until recently has been whether or not to place the logo over the pocket. Conventional wisdom says no, as this will tend to get dirty easier because most employees store their pens or business cards in that pocket. However, certain other marketing strategies involve placing it directly over the pocket so the customer is drawn to it every time you reach for a pen or go to snag a business card.

At the end of the day, it really is up to the business owner or the design team that handles your companies logo placement on its apparel. Yet for the next few moments, let’s explore some alternate logo placement options and see how they might be used to create more exposure, or present your team in a different manner.

For starters, consider placing your corporate logo on the outer left or right shoulder of your corporate button-down shirt. You might place your company’s tagline or slogan on the upper right or left chest area, and juxtapose that with a logo placement on the outer shoulder. This postures your team in a more aggressive manner. It’s sets your team up as people who “get things done”. The nontraditional placement lends itself to people who are forward thinking and work to come up with creative solutions.

Another placement option for you to consider is the entire length of the left or right sleeve. This time we will simply reverse the equation. The logo will be placed on the upper left or right chest area of your shirt, while the tagline will read all the way down the right or left side of one sleeve. This is becoming more common with companies that want to present themselves as modern or progressive. It certainly garners attention as the eye is drawn to the asymmetrical placement, and therefore focuses on that spot.

Finally, consider placing your corporate logo on one of your collars. A simple graphic image displayed on the right or left tab of your collar gives your staff the perfect amount of corporate polish needed to make a statement when it is most important. Placing a logo in this location speaks to a corporation that likes to get involved. The eye is drawn close to the face because of the key logo placement. This sends the message to the customer that your company is not afraid of close contact, in fact, you consider strong relationships as a key component to good business.

The psychology of logo placement is just as important as your logo and message. Consider these options the next time you’re faced with making a change, or looking to place a new order. Mix up a few design options and see which ones impact your customer relationships the most. Those that don’t work can always be used as giveaways or freebies.


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