Winter is Coming, Is Your Corporate Apparel Ready?

 Winter will soon be here before you know it. With that comes lots of hot lattes, colder nights, and warmer clothing. If your corporation has outfits that change with the seasons, consider branding them before cooler weather arrives. Now is the perfect time to do that, and there are so many benefits to having embroidered company jackets, sweatshirts, and sweaters. Doing this will separate your business from the competition. It will also keep your employees warm and toasty. They will appreciate you for that.

For starters, it is a great way to identify employees. If your employees have to brave the weather, working outside in the winter, consider embroidering their jacket with a company name/logo, as well as their individual name. This is an easy way to make them identifiable when they are in the field. It also helps them if they have to knock on customer’s doors to work on their cable, telephone, or perform outside grounds maintenance. People are quite apprehensive to open the door to strangers with no identifiable markings. Having something plain, easy-to-read, and identifiable is always a good idea. It really serves as a great safety measure, and puts the customer at ease.

Second, this is a great way to advertise your business. It also takes it to the next level so to speak. Most places advertise with pens, clipboards, and business cards. Having a high-value item embroidered, such as an outside jacket or sweater, speaks to the quality of service you want to provide overall. Typically, low-budget, low operation companies don’t go for these types of branded items. Being proactive and branding larger ticket items, shows that you are playing in the big leagues so to speak. Consider giving out branded corporate scarves to really take your professionalism up a notch. You would be surprised at how few businesses do this. It is a little thing that makes a big statement.

Finally, it’s a great benefit for your employees. Often times, companies don’t provide these types of things for their workers and expect them to use something they already have. Usually, that’s fine because most people don’t mind wearing a cheap jacket to dirty up during the week. However, if your employees are working outside, or in consistent adverse weather conditions, this will be much appreciated. It keeps them warm, and comfortable, so they can perform their job adequately.

Now you have some great reasons to get your corporate winter apparel branded. We have so many embroidery options, and feature over 60 digital fonts. That means there is something we can do for you that will set you apart from the crowd, and make your winter corporate apparel really stand out. Don’t let winter sneak up on you without getting your apparel updated. Being proactive really ensures that your business is presented in a sharp, professional manner. It will also let your employees know that they are valued and appreciated.

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