Screen Printing

If you need screen printing this is the place to be.

We can screen print on thousands and thousands of products and provide you with the best prices, quality and timely delivery. Please be sure to check out our Online Catalog. On this site we have only displayed the products and services we sell the most, if you do not find what you are looking for ask us and we will do our best to get it for you.


For a screen printing job we need to have the artwork for your design ready before we can move any further. If you can provide us with a “Vector: artwork there is no artwork charge. If you want us to do the artwork for you the normal charges are is $75 per hour.

If you just need lettering in one of the common fonts the cost is $35.

Please note that the artwork charges are a one-time charge only.


After the artwork is ready, we need burn screens so that we can silk screen the design on to garments, a separate screen is required for every color to be imprinted, there is a charge of $25 per screen for burning the screens.

Please note that this is a one-time charge only and the next time you do the printing there is only a $15 re-setup of screen charge per color for the whole design.

For quantities over 500 pieces there are no screen charges.


After the screens are ready, there is a per piece charge for printing the design, normally the factors on which the printing prices depend are number of sides of the garment to be printed, number of colors in the design, color of the garment and the total quantity to be printed. One thing is sure that for screen printing higher the quantity lower the prices. For quotes please let us know the total quantity, number of colors in the design and number of sides to be printed.

Screen-printing is recommended for quantities more than 12 pieces. For lower quantities please refer to our heat transfer section.

Please feel free to contact us by phone (949) 588-8257 e-mail: or fax us your inquiry at (949) 588-1796.

Volume discounts are available!